Friday, May 18, 2012

Nithya chaithanya yathi was born in Konni Pathanamthitta Kerala,South India.He was the follower of the great teacher late Nataraja guru and the Guru,Sri Narayana Guru.He after graduating in Philosophy taught in the EastWest University founded by Nataraja Guru.He wrote many books in English and in malayalam on Philosophy and metaphysics and widely travelled to countries. He founded the Nrayana Gurukulam in Ooty the hill station in Tamilnadu. Some of his books include Interpretations of Bruhadaranyakopanishad  Bhagavad Geetha(Bhagavad Geetha saadhyayam) are famous.See the list of his works.He was also a succeessful orator.He loved all especially children and the young and loved by all who had opertunity to meet him or read his humanistic writings.  He never hate those who are against his opinion.He was a true humanist.Even today his works are widely reading and selling.He will live for ever in our minds.

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